Natural medicine in Chile

Iridology, naturopathy, reiki, dowsing, ortho-molecular nutrition, bio-magnetism, new medicine germanic naturism.

Terapias Naturales

Iridology, naturopathy, reiki, dowsing, ortho-molecular nutrition, bio-magnetism, new medicine Germanic naturism.
victoria 351 - Villa Alemana - Valparaíso - Chile

Medicolumna Ltda.

Medicolumna Ltda. Chiropractor Korean professional certification, Dr. Carlos Cáceres in traditional Korean medicine with over 20 years in the profession. Try their ailments with painless and effectively in conditions of tendinitis, hernias column, disc disease, sciatica, lumbago, muscular rigidity, peripheral nervous system amongst other techniques.
Serious and safe treatment, if you have not had results with other treatments, see your problem, we have More...
Capitan Orella 2485 - Ñuñoa - Santiago - Chile

Natural products in Chile
Individual company, dedicated to the co merchantability of bee products, such as pollen, propolis, royal jelly, honey, beeswax. ...

Terapias Integrales Complementarias

Complementary therapies are developed, such as magnetism, reiki, ear, ceragem massage table, quartz bowls sounds, all these therapies are complementing medical treatment for a better quality of life.
Mar de Drake N° 168 - Pudahuel - Santiago - Chile

Consulta Naturista, Iriòlogo

Iridology, natural medicine and natural products.
Bulnes 380, Hualqui - Biobío - Chile

Apiterapeuta Patricia

Alternative Medicine for diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis, depression, migraines or autoimmune disease.
Miraflores 205, chimbarongo - Chimbarongo - O Higgins - Chile

Acupuncture in Chile
Iridology, naturopathy, reiki, dowsing, ortho-molecular nutrition, bio-magnetism, new medicine Germanic naturism....

Homeopathy in Chile -
Services natural homeopathic medicine sales Heel of the German line. ...

Biomagnetismo Médico y Bioenergética Médica

Medical Biomagnetism. The Medical Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures and corrects a fundamental alteration of the pH of living organisms and specifically humans.
Enrique Herrera Briceño 904, Villa Tocornal, Talagante - Santiago - Chile

Centro de Ictioterapia

One of the most innovative treatments for the care of hands, feet and elbows, is the ictioterapia, treatment is composed of small fish which eat dead skin from your body leaving the skin healthy, clean and smooth.
Huerfanos 714 oficina 307 - Santiago - Chile

Centro Podologico Karina Soto

We are a center podologico also integrate alternative therapies like mesotherapy, ear acupuncture and reiki, come visit you will not regret !!
Calle Santiago 790 segundo piso local 207, centro de Villa Alemana - Valparaíso - Chile

Chiropractics in Chile
Chiropractic care for pathologies of the spine derived DC consisting of U.S. foreign chiropractic colleges and graduate of the AECC of england formed also in...

Preventive medicine in Chile -
New website offers free medical advice to all users in Venezuela. ...

Ventas Naturales

agustinas 1022 -oficina 530 - Santiago - Chile

Centro Quiropractico Sanar Punto Verde

Chiropractic Osteopathy is a discipline of scientific art of healing that deals with the pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis of functional disturbances and pain syndrome and other disorders related neurophysiological effects static dynamic locomotor system in particular column spine and pelvis by stimulating the ability fisioreguladora immunological processes and self-healing of the human body pathology and to treat all ailments More...
san jose 193 san bernardo ahumada 312 ofi.719 santiago centro - San Bernardo - Santiago - Chile

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