Psychologists in Chile

- adult psychotherapy - child and adolescent psychotherapy - care of various problems : - depression - panic - phobias - duels - obsessions - substance.

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Myriam Jara Pérez

- Adult Psychotherapy
- Child and adolescent psychotherapy
- Care of various problems :
- depression
- Panic
- phobias
- duels
- obsessions
- Substance abuse
- Sleep disturbances
- Work stress
- Difficulties in making decisions
- inhibitions
- sections
- anorexia
- bulimia
- Impulse control
- Vocational crises
- Attentional deficit
- Behavior problems
Av. Providencia 565, ofic. 11 (A pasos del Metro Salvador) - Santiago - Chile

Ps. Angela Tamblay Psicologa

Holistic psychologist of the university of Chile - psico-home?pata - t. floral - mediating relative. Therapy of pairs, familiar therapy, psycotherapy of adults and children.
Gamero 032, casi esquina Freire, barrio del tenis, C.M. Gaia Salud, Rancagua - O Higgins - Chile
Rpte: Ps. Angela Tamblay C.

Psychotherapists in Chile -
Flower Therapy with Bach essences, occupational therapy, stress, attention deficit, fears, traumas, alcohol, drugs, muscle aches, Astritis, pregnancies. ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en Chile -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en Chile. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

EPT Psicologos

EPT Psicologos EPT Psychologists provides a space for clinical work where various mental health issues are addressed, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of motivation, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, relationship problems, marital conflict, sexual identity, trauma, addictions and dependencies, among others.
individual psychotherapy adults.
individual psychotherapy adolescents.
individual psychotherapy children.
Couples psychotherapy.
Avenida Las Condes 9792
Oficina 709
Las Condes, Santiago - Santiago - Chile

Arkhe Psicologos

Arkhe Psicologos Credited clinical psychologists, specialistic in psycotherapy. to mag?ster in clinical psychology of the adolescence, graduated in early bonds and mental health. Individual psycotherapy and even. attention young, adolescent, adult, in emotional conflicts, self-esteem, adaptation, sexual direction, behavioural problems, social abilities, fear, timidity, insecurity, addictions and dependencies. evaluations.
Av. Las Condes 9792 Of. 709 - Santiago - Chile

Psicología Claudia Vidal Chacón

Mental health services, psychological evaluations, and clinical treatments family and children.
Centro Médico Surmedica - Valdivia - Los Ríos - Chile

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