Rehabilitation centers in Chile

Chiropractic care for pathologies of the spine derived dc consisting of u.

Centro Quiropractico y Bioenergetico

Chiropractic care for pathologies of the spine derived DC consisting of U.S. foreign chiropractic colleges and graduate of the AECC of england formed also in sot (craniosacral techniques) and Applied Kinesiology.
- Antofagasta - Chile

Fonoaudióloga Marjorie Tovar

Evaluation, diagnosis, intervention speech disorders, language, speech, swallowing, speech aesthetic advice.
Arturo Prat 1170 Oficina 505 - Iquique - Tarapacá - Chile

Physical therapy in Chile -
Kinuestet Consultation with Kinesics offers free evaluation and later plan a program of 10 or more physical rehabilitation sessions suited to their...

Psychologists in Chile -
EPT Psychologists provides a space for clinical work where various mental health issues are addressed, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of motivation, eating...

La Clinica de la Mano

La Clinica de la Mano Intensive rehabilitation center for patients with chronic upper limb and / or seriously injured.
4 norte 1668 talca - Talca - Maule - Chile

Kinuestet (Salud y Rehabilitación Física)


Consultation with Kinesics offers free evaluation and later plan a program of 10 or more physical rehabilitation sessions suited to their objectives improving their quality of life over time.

Comprehensive nutritional consulting complemented by Ear (children, adults)

We serve by FONASA - ISAPRES - DIPRECA - Individuals
Francisco Bilbao 435, Oficina 204, 2º piso, Frente a Unimarc - Pitrufquén - La Araucanía - Chile

Centro Kinesico Fisioterapeutico

Rehabilitation across osteoarticular pathology in a quiet seaside modern machines, professionalism, seriousness.
Ernesto Riquelme 1048 Quintero - Valparaíso - Chile

Psychotherapists in Chile -
Flower Therapy with Bach essences, occupational therapy, stress, attention deficit, fears, traumas, alcohol, drugs, muscle aches, Astritis, pregnancies. ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en Chile -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en Chile. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Quiropraxia Valdivia

R. Marcelo Montecinos Chiropractor, graduate of the Central University of Chile, care pathology and musculoskeletal dysfunction in adults; back pain, neck pain, back pain, strains, sprains and others.
Beauchef 692 - Valdivia - Los Ríos - Chile

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